3 books to inspire and enrich your personal and spiritual life. More to come!

Pathwalker: A Soul’s Journey Through Reincarnations

A fast-paced, engaging, insightful, fantasy book to inspire your life. First novel of “Cave Time Chronicles”, the  adventures and expanding insights of a woman moving through parallel lives.  Available on Amazon!

Explore existence in an unfamiliar life, facing an onslaught of crises, and out of desperation applying spiritual principles offered from multiple traditions. Are love, compassion, and forgiveness merely wishful thinking, or do they actually create new possibilities? This is not a “preachy” book, but is a moving story interwoven with a wealth of inspiring life events.

Reader Comment: “This is the BEST non-fiction book I have read in years. I could not put it down! The story is super engaging, Eleni, the main character, is so wise and inspiring. The story of a community based on deep respect, for the earth, for nature, and for each other, gives me hope in these times of corruption, chaos and extreme unrest. Are we reaching a tipping point? Are we ready to let go of the love of power and embrace the power of love? Thank you Ellie, for writing the book I needed to read, at the right time! Highly recommended reading for those of us determined not to slip into despair…”

Agnihotra: Havan on Earth 

“A Simple and Comprehensive Guide to the Practice of Agnihotra, a Vedic Fire Ceremony for Personal and Planetary Healing.”

The only step-by-step Agnihotra handbook ever written! Used worldwide! Book includes a full explanation of this healing ceremony and its benefits, step-by-step instructions for performing agnihotra, supplies needed, resources for supplies and websites with additional information, over forty photos, answers to over sixty frequently asked questions, how to make ghee, how to use agnihotra ash for healing, how to meditate, how to teach agnihotra to others, and sections to make notes. Ellie shares personal stories of how agnihotra has transformed her life and the world around her, encouraging the new practitioner to experience the benefits in their own life. If you want to heal the planet, your community, your family, this is a must-buy book!  Available on Amazon

Edible Weeds in a City Yard: Don’t Weed Your Yard – Munch Your Way Through It!

Edible weeds are packed with delicious nutrition. If you enjoy mustard greens, spinach, chard, kale, arugula, or other exotic greens, you’re in for a free treat, growing only a few feet from your door. These eleven common, flavor-filled weeds thrive in city yards. Found world-wide, they offer a treasure trove of benefits, including vital vitamins and potent minerals missing from purchased greens which have been harvested, transported and stored. Weeds in an untreated yard accommodate to weather, flourish free from toxic chemicals, and require no planting, weeding, or tending. Weed blossoms and seeds provide food for butterflies, bees, and beneficial insects. Available on Amazon


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