I consider everyone, including you, as a cosmic friend; someone to learn from and someone to support. Writing is my conduit for connecting, self-discovery, and empowering others.

Who am I? I am not really Ellie. Ellie is the “personality” that I use to interact with others in this lifetime. Who I am, is a journey I am still on.

My life mission is to encourage, empower and inspire you to reach your fullest potential. Your way. We are co-creators of our planet’s future. Let’s embrace this adventure with courage, joy, and mutual support!

After a long fulfilling career in human resource consulting, personal development, and as a professional inspirational speaker, I now author books and offer non-judgmental support for anyone sincerely seeking to evolve into a new level of living.


I’m a writer, mother, wife, spiritual aspirant, and lover of life with its myriad of forms and expressions. Life is filled with possibilities which I believe are best met with an open mind and a healthy sprinkling of joy.


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