Change with Summer Solstice

Summer Solstice offers energetic support for life change.

At Summer Solstice, Nature is preparing all life forms for the upcoming harvest. What plants are healthy and will bear fruit? Which plants are not proving vital? Their life force will be withdrawn and refocused toward lifeforms that provide harvest, or to provide for other flora and fauna. Summer is a time of “weeding” out what is not working and focusing one’s energy and intention toward that which is the priority.

flowers-meadow-wood-forestWhat do you need to weed out of your life? What beliefs, habits, and behaviors just don’t work anymore? Maybe they once did but they have lost their original value. Is it time to discard the past, leaving space in your life’s garden for new plants? Is something you planted (created) in the past bringing on a harvest that you find you no longer want? Are some weeds (old patterns) taking over your life, choking out your current life priorities and desires?

How to Change with Summer Solstice

  1. Write down every aspect of your life that doesn’t work. Be honest with yourself. If you avoid listing something, be aware of this and write it down anyway. We are going to do an exercise to weed it out, with the right timing.
  2. Choose one of the above. Under it, list the following:
  3. What evidence shows up on your life to demonstrate you need to change this?
  4. What is one positive action step you can take to address this? In other words, what can you do differently than you now do? What is within the realm of your current confidence or self-image that you can do?
  5. What do you fear happening if you make a change in this area? Why do you hesitate? What consequences might be uncomfortable? Is the discomfort of the imaginary consequence any worse than the consequences of continuing your currently disruptive action?
  6. How will you feel about your self when you release this old pattern to be skilled in a new, better one? Will you feel hopeful? Relieved? Liberated? Exhilirated? What difference will this make in your life?
  7. Bring this written information with you outdoors and lay down on a blanket in the grass, or on lounge chair, or on a porch or patio. If you cannot be outdoors, do it indoors and sit near an open window where nature can “breath” with you.
  8. Sit or lie down into a comfortable position. Close your eyes. Gently and slowly inhale, and exhale three times.
  9. Review once more the one area you chose to work with in #2 above. Envision it being slowly dissolved and replaced by a space filled with light.
  10. Upon completing the above, envision your chosen positive action as listed in #4 above. Imagine and then “feel” how light and revitalized you will be when expressing this action. “Feel” how light and revitalized you will be when this becomes the new you.
  11. sun, woman on mountain, pexels-photo-1168744Ask the Divine to anchor the “new you” into your personal field of consciousness.
  12. Meditate or immediately go to sleep in order to internalize this change.
  13. Upon awakening, act from your new possibility, regardless of what outer circumstances arise. Through physical action let the universe know you are committed to this shift. (Action continues to anchor the new self-image in your body.)
  14. Observe and write down changes that take place in your life as a result. No matter how small or insignificant; if you think it connects, write it down. This continues  integration of the “new you”.

Following Nature’s law, you have now assessed, released energetic drains, and refocused your mental and action resources on vitality and growth. Prepare to celebrate your upcoming harvest as your new seeds begin to bear healthy, fresh, higher quality fruit in your life.

Summer Solstice is the longest day of the year. The sun lingers, allowing us time at the end of the day for leisure after our many hours of toil. Nature abounds with flowers, fruits, vegetables, and the amazing insects and critter friends whose colors and sounds enrich our experience. Meditdate and take time to be grateful for the simple pleasures and bountiful gifts nature brings.

“Take life into your own hands and make it happen. It’s your life; Lead it!” 

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