This is a Time for Choices

This is a time for choices. We can no longer sit idly by, tolerating. Gone are the days of allowing things to unfold around us, knowing they aren’t right for us, but playing that game anyway because it seems easier that way.

Are you realizing it is NOT easier that way, after all? Life IS a game, but over generations and through shifts in mass consciousness, the rules of life change. This doesn’t mean that “truth” changes. Truth is truth, regardless of how it is recognized or followed. Instead, what changes is our willingness – or ability – to play by the shifting rules.

What’s coming in the future? It’s not coming; it’s already arrived.

Living on planet Earth has changed, so you need to change along with it. You can no longer remain stuck. If you don’t make the changes you sense you need to make, life will push you around to force you to change.

You’ll be depressed, uninspired, constantly blaming outside forces or people, and waking up every day with a mental list of wrongs that need righted. You’ll find plenty of company to agree with you. Hint: Don’t look for others to join your upset. Instead, look for others who are not upset. Learn from them. Try a different way. Experiment with other possibilities. Doing what you’ve always done will dig your hole deeper. Reach out and up for what’s next.

What is constantly confronting you, is on some level, of your own creation.

Pain is sending a message, hear, heed, and heal.

Treated with disrespect? You are giving off signals, somehow, that you are willing to be disrespected. Do relationships that initially seem wonderful turn around to bite you because you lacked confidence or skills to discuss the warning signs when they first show up? Learn assertiveness and how to set appropriate boundaries. Just as you learn how to play a piano or drive a car, take time to learn how to communicate, speak up when necessary, or for some of us, to tone down a notch or two so we can listen and honestly hear what someone else is trying to tell us. If you can’t shake a relationship, try to set aside blaming the other and dig down deep to discover what the other person is trying to teach you about yourself.

Difficult circumstances hold a precious insight.

The more often a type of problem occurs, the more certainty that something you do or think needs to change. Learn the lesson so that those experiences will stop knocking on your door. Repeated patterns of problems are a template you have created and held onto stubbornly. Honestly assess what you do that reinforces those situations and commit to changed behavior. This will necessitate changing your beliefs, and there is nothing the human being loves more than their beliefs.

Beliefs are not truths. If they were, the Earth would still be flat.

People burned others at the stake to defend that belief which mass consciousness held dear. There are thousands of similar examples throughout history. What are you doing that is killing your joy, in order to protect false beliefs that don’t intuitively ring true?

Where you are right now is an amazing place to be.

How we interact with “now” determines how we experience it. We carry our “stuff” with us wherever we go. Changes in relationships, geographical location, new cars, different house, or fresh employment will continue to reflect back the same circumstances until and unless we let go of our “stuff”.

Hint: you can’t reason away stuff. All the information in the world won’t change a thing until you change yourself. Being who you have always been will guarantee a life like you’ve always had. If that life no longer fits, let it go and create new options.

You hold amazing strengths and wisdom within.

It’s time to let them out; set them free. Over the years I’ve mentored hundreds of people seeking to reach their personal potential. When people realize a new level of understanding, they proclaim. “I suspected that all along. I just wasn’t listening.” The biggest lie we tell ourselves is that we aren’t worthy. We aren’t enough. We fail too often. Other people have a better life, do things better, and in comparison, we can’t measure up.

You weren’t born to waste this life; you were born to expand through new insights.

Hint: You win at the game of life by accumulating Insight tokens.

Choose to step up to your potential.

Stop wimping through life; you’re worth more than that. When you start validating yourself, you’ll find others stepping up to walk with you. Stand tall, get a grip on yourself, and go for it.

It’s your life. Lead it like you mean it. It’s what you came to do.

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  1. Yes the time for complacency is gone…

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