People Are Buying My Books – Thank You!

Like many of you, I’m shy about sharing my successes while big on congratulating others. I’m going to stretch my comfort zone for a moment to celebrate something with you.

An average of 10 of my books now sell each month on Amazon!

While this doesn’t make me a best-seller, or have me rolling in cash, it does mean the information is in circulation – entertaining, helping, empowering, and guiding people.

It takes courage to put our offerings out into the public eye.  Each time I publish a book or post a blog article, I get to practice sharing without being attached to the results. Put it out there for anyone who can benefit. Allow myself to be a conduit for something to come through. Give with no expectation of gratitude. Do it because writing brings me joy and sharing it feels like the right thing to do.

Every action I take in life is a practice. It can expand who I am, stir up trouble, or make a difference in someone else’s life. But if I want to live a full life, sometimes I have to put my shoulder behind it and push.

I hope you have the courage and enthusiasm to put your gifts on life’s table. Do it for yourself. Do it “just in case” someone out there needs it. Do it because you are part of life’s plan and we need you here.

How does life get any better than this?

“Take life into your own hands and make it happen. It’s your life; Lead it.”

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Ellie Hadsall is an author and director of Cosmic Gathering, dedicated to unconditional support for your transformational journey.

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About Ellie Hadsall

My life is a journey with insights and gifts being revealed as I move forward. Every one I meet is a companion on this adventure. Together, we ride a wave of transformation. Let's leave the old behind and move through new portals! After a long, fulfilling career in human resource, personal development, and motivational speaking, I am currently a spiritual mentor, author, intuitive, Kriya minister, Vedic fire ceremony practitioner, meditation teacher and spiritual friend.
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