Where Choices Take Us

I woke up this morning with thoughts about life choices flowing into my mind.  So I created this accompanying image as a reminder and filed it away.

Then got a call from a friend who just lost his wife. What was on his mind? How to make the right choices for his future. Then came a morning’s consultation. Topic she wanted to talk about – choices. Next I received an email from a consult later today – “Can we talk about making the right choices?”

Choices are floating around in the ether today.

1. Choices are based on current information.
We never have all facts for a perfect choice. Sometimes facts confuse as much as clarify. Yet we can only weigh what we know at the moment and decide. We do the best we can at this moment in time.

2. Every choice set us in a new direction.
The road can be smooth; often it is rocky. Even when we feel confident we have decided correctly, the journey may be filled with detours and pitfalls. I’ve never chosen a road yet that took me straight to the goal. Along the way I’ve had to detour, regroup, take a deep breath, and continue on. Eventually I arrive at a destination which may or may not be the one I set out to find. Each journey brings its own surprises.

3. We can re-choose.
Sometimes our choice wasn’t the best one. That’s okay. We aren’t stuck with what we set out to do. We can drop it, start off in another direction, or branch off toward an entirely new target. Maybe circumstances change or new information arises. Don’t remain stuck in a “wrong” choice.

4. The “wrong” choice may be the right one.
When a friend graduated from college, she mulled over where to live next: California or near family in New York? She chose California. She towed a moving trailer across country to her new life, arrived there, decided it was the wrong decision, and without unpacking, drove all the way back across country to New York. She is confident that her California choice was necessary to confirm she should move to New York where she has happily lived for 23 years. Without that journey, she would never have settled down. She had to give it a try.

It’s not so much what we choose, as it is how we live with our choice.

Make it work if we can. Make a new choice if necessary. Staying stuck, making no choice, is a choice to be at the mercy of chance. Making a choice puts us in charge. It’s only when we are in motion that we can adjust. A sitting car can’t change directions. A driven car has momentum to adjust. To get control, you have to get life in gear.

What choice do you face? Weigh your options. Decide. Act. Observe. Learn. Adjust.

Take life into your own hands and make it happen. It’s your life; Lead it. 

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