Are you overfeeding your pet peeve?

Pet Peeves are a big commitment. I recommend you don’t let one in your front door, or go out to find one. They are hard to handle and guaranteed to drain your energy.

People report the following problems with peeves.

  • stop-over-feedingyour-pet-peeve-2Once you get a pet peeve, it takes over your life.
  • Pet peeves show up everywhere, bouncing up and down to get your attention.
  • You can’t train a pet peeve to stop bugging you.
  • They constantly demand you take them for mental walks.
  • They are irritating, irrational, and irascible.
  • The more you feed a peeve, the bigger it grows.
  • The bigger it grows, the more it annoys you.
  • Some people enjoy commiserating with each other about their pet peeves.
  • There’s a lot of one-upmanship with pet peeve owners. Everyone believes theirs is more annoying than yours.
  • Once you have one, they are hard to get rid of.
  • Animal shelters do not accept pet peeves; no one wants yours.

How to remove a pet peeve from your life

  • By refusing to feed it, your pet peeve will cease growing, shrinking over time until the day it vanishes from existence.
  • You can train it to become invisible to your sight, even if other people continue to see it.
  • Positivity pets and pet peeves don’t get along. If you bring a positivity pet home, your pet peeve will flee.
  • Scientists report that pet peeves appear to be self-sufficient. If you release yours into the wild, someone out there already collects peeves just like yours, and they will be happy to take yours in and feed it.

A note of caution; once your peeve is gone, you may find you miss it. It’s tempting to offer to walk a friend’s peeve, or sneak some food to it now and then. Refrain. Feeding a friend’s peeve is tantamount to reinforcing a disfunctional situation.

I’ve managed to dwindle my pet peeves down to only one; people who collect pet peeves. But I’ve stopped feeding it, so I am hoping it will be gone – any day now.

Take life into your own hands and make it happen. It’s your life. Lead it.

Loving note: the idea of pet peeves came from my husband, Ron. In the middle of a conversation, he said, “people need to stop feeding their pet peeves” and I rudely left him to run to the computer to write this. My doing that is probably one of his pet peeves.

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