Help! I’m Stuck! 6 Steps to Breaking Free.

If you get frustrated because you want to expand further into your potential, but you remain stuck – don’t be upset with yourself. Whether you realize it or not, you are shifting into greater awareness. We all are. The current chaos on our planet is evidence that all of humanity is reorienting.

It is during chaos that new ideas are born and new pathways get blasted open.

You may look around and see people who are just humming along the same old way. The world is shifting around them and they don’t notice. That’s okay. They are in their vibrational comfort zone and aren’t ready or willing to awaken further. No judgement there. It’s their life journey and on the soul level they know what they came to do. Let them be, bless them, and then let’s be about our own business.

If this lifetime, for you, is focused on expansion of awareness, you signed up for a major shift. You are one who came to participate with, and perhaps even to lead, the evolution of humanity. It’s happening. It’s uncomfortable for many. It’s transformational. It’s what you wanted. You’re going to be fine so long as you tune into your highest wisdom and act from it.

sunflowers against blue sky

Nature thrives on change, and we exist within Nature. A seedling pushes through dirt, stretches into new territory, and seeks light. It handles drought and whips in storms. And so it unknowingly fulfills it’s purpose by feeding nectar to hummingbirds, bees and ants; shares food with birds; and cools and loosens soil beneath it’s branches so other plants can grow. If a sunflower can break free to face the sun, so can we.

In the 1990’s I attended a seminar that predicted change for humanity.

The speaker shared the following:
“Currently we experience ongoing periods of normal life which are interrupted by an occasional chaotic event or disruption. Within twenty years we will experience ongoing periods of chaotic events and disruption which are interrupted by an occasional period of normalcy.”

Spiritual leaders predicted that a tremendous change was coming to our planet and its inhabitants. They told us the only constant, the one foundation that will not crumble underfoot, is our personal soul connection to our Source.

So, here we are. The energetic and circumstantial chaos has been building for years. Some people have moved through the period of “being stuck, in chaos, experiencing unpredictable situations, and finding an unending lack of answers”. Such fortunate ones are feeling groovy in a new flow of reality, looking at and experiencing existence here on planet Earth with a new level of understanding. Others of us remain stuck.

What moves some through while others remain stuck? Who knows? We can, however, observe and learn a few things.

The following can help you release.

1) Give up having all the answers, figuring it out, mentally rehashing the same old beliefs, and making the same demands from life.

“I want a perfect mate.”  “I want the ideal job.”  “I want only people I enjoy in my life.” “I want enough money so I never have to worry again.”  If you still demand that people and circumstances outside of you change to bring the improvements you seek, you will remain stuck. Guaranteed. Truth: It is not what is going on around you that needs changed. It is who you are and how you participate with those circumstances that needs changed. Once you change how you participate, outside situations adjust to match who you are. Be the vibration to attract the vibration.

“Okay, Ellie, so just what do I need to change?” you ask? You already know. You simply have not yet summoned the courage to do what you already know to do. When I counsel with clients and share the cosmic information that I receive about them from a soul level, they inevitably say, “I’ve suspected that. I’ve known that. I just haven’t been doing it. It’s so different from what my friends/family/colleagues/partner/fill-in-the-right-word-here are doing! What will they think?” Which leads me to the next suggestion.

2) Cease living life to satisfy and please all those “others”, and begin to live it for your soul. Here’s a helpful hint: When you begin living life according to your personal spiritual understandings, regardless of how others accept you, you automatically live it in the highest way for them, too. Living from truth aligns your energy with the Source and it better supports you. The static that separated you from that support will be thinned out or dissolved. So what if others don’t understand why you are moving, releasing an unhealthy relationship, becoming vegetarian, or going back to eating meat? Once you are true to yourself, you inspire others to be true to themselves, too. Even those who resist your change may awaken in the future to your wisdom. Take action because it is right, not because it is understood or acceptable to others.

3) Do something every day for the good of others and do it anonymously whenever possible. Need more money? Share some of what you have now. Need a better relationship with a partner? Offer more to your current relationships. Know someone who is a thorn in your side? Visualize them being a nicer person and speak to them as if they are. Look for what you can offer instead of focusing on what you aren’t receiving. The more you give, the more you are attuned to receive.

4) Speak up. If you are in a situation where you feel taken advantage of, speak up about what you need and assert your rights. Holding back to keep peace, or to please others, isn’t coming from your truth. In the long run, it is toxic to you. A word of caution: this doesn’t give you the right to aggressively push your agenda. For a deeper understanding of Assertiveness, download: A Look at Being Assertive, found at the end of this posting.

5) Leave any toxic relationship or situation. I don’t mean give up on what has possibilities. I don’t mean blame the situation and escape it only to find yourself in a similar one. This is tricky. Be careful that you aren’t escaping discomfort that is intended to teach you a valuable lesson. What I mean here is to honestly offer your best to your current situation; it just might change it. For sure, it gives meaning to your current turmoil when you learn to exist within it graciously. Once you’ve tried that and learned all you can about yourself, i.e. learned what that situation has to teach you – if it continues to be toxic – get out. Now. It’s diminishing you. Set yourself free so a more enlightened situation can find you.

6) Seek out like-hearted people. Support each other. If you cannot find support in your community, start a MeetUp group to focus on self-development or other activities that enliven you. Or start a private Facebook page and invite people who are like-hearted to join it. You don’t have to be an expert – connect with others and grow together. Hint: Don’t join a group expecting it to fill the holes in your life. Join with the intention to look for ways to encourage, share, and be authentic. In doing so, you fill your own holes and strengthen your self-esteem.

You are never alone. You came to this life to learn from, and to serve, your fellow souls. In this journey you are supported by a divine energy that transcends all earthly endeavors. You are loved. Unconditionally.

Now go be the person you came to be!

Download: A Look at Being Assertive

Take life into your own hands and make it happen. It’s your life. Lead it.

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My life is a journey with insights and gifts being revealed as I move forward. Every one I meet is a companion on this adventure. Together, we ride a wave of transformation. Let's leave the old behind and move through new portals! After a long, fulfilling career in human resource, personal development, and motivational speaking, I am currently a spiritual mentor, author, intuitive, Kriya minister, Vedic fire ceremony practitioner, meditation teacher and spiritual friend.
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