Authentic Homemade Draksha (Digestive Herbal Wine)

Draksha is an herbal digestive wine that comes from Ayurveda. Ayurveda (Science of Life) is an ancient healing system from India. This herbal wine has been used for centuries to assist with digestion.

draksha-feb-2012-1Draksha is high-octane, so don’t go wild and drink it as you would a recreational wine. Over-indulging in this digestive wine dramatically increases body heat; the next thing you know, you’ll be frantically searching for something cold enough to bring on a brain freeze. That is, if you can think straight anymore. Not smart. So use it as intended and explained below.

To use: Stir 2 teaspoons Draksha into 1/2 cup hot water. Sip before meal. Promotes agni (digestive fire) to aid digestion.

The attached pdf instructions may look complicated, but if you follow instructions, you’ll easily get the hang of it. One batch can last for months or a year, depending upon frequency of use.



When serving a large dinner to guests, I like to start off with a half-filled shot glass of draksha. It not only stimulates digestion, but also enhances flavors.

Important! Read full instructions on the attached download, including those explained below the recipe table, before beginning.


This is offered as information, not medical advice. Anyone who should avoid alcohol due to pregnancy, liver, medicines used, or any health problem, should not use Draksha. Use with discernment. Check with your physician if under medical care. I am not responsible for resulting effects or misuse.

Ingredient amounts listed on the attached download are for a 1 gallon glass jug. For one person, consider adjusting your batch for 1-2 quarts.

Attached recipe and instructions are provided in table form, along with scheduled ingredient additions, so click here for your downloadable PDF copy: Draksha Recipe, 2016-12-17

Find additional homemade wine pic on my Homemade Wine portfolio.

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