Let’s Ride This Election Tornado!

Let’s ride this tornado!

Upset by recent elections? That’s okay. Delighted at recent elections? That’s okay, too. This is called CHANGE. We’ve wanted change for years. We’ve demonstrated, written, sang, hollered, cried, commiserated, and demanded change. Now that it’s arrived, let’s not complain about the form it arrived in.

I don’t know about you, but in my life, it’s the dramatic, traumatic events that have forced me to look more honestly at myself, to dig deeply to find my weaknesses and strengths, to pull them up and out for a good review, learn something important, and go on to become a better, wiser person.

tornado-change-how-we-respond-page-001Long-suppressed angst and anger alike are bubbling to the surface for release. This is world-wide. If we choose to think of our country a world leader, then this leader needs to cleanse itself.

When our daughter Monica was little she drew a picture of a tornado. But not just any tornado. The picture was divided into two halves. The left side was painted in purely grey tones, with a powerful tornado ripping through a shadowy neighborhood. On the right was the same scene, after the storm, painted in bright cheerful colors, illuminated by a huge rainbow. Even at her young age she understood that a storm cleans things up, bringing potential for a brighter future. It’s up to us to assure that happens.

What do you say we ride this cleansing tornado, and help everyone around us to do the same?

Take life into your own hands and make it happen. It’s your life. Lead it.

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My life is a journey with insights and gifts being revealed as I move forward. Every one I meet is a companion on this adventure. Together, we ride a wave of transformation. Let's leave the old behind and move through new portals! After a long, fulfilling career in human resource, personal development, and motivational speaking, I am currently a spiritual mentor, author, intuitive, Kriya minister, Vedic fire ceremony practitioner, meditation teacher and spiritual friend.
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