Why today is the right day to transform your life

When you are fed up with life the way it is, and finally ready to transform it, any day is the right day.

When is the ideal time to make changes in life? Right now. Today. This article includes practical steps to assist in making desired change. Since there is a full moon day today, it’s helpful to know that a full moon offers energy to clear out and relinquish all that is no longer useful. You can release old, stuck energy back to the infinite quantum field from whence it was originally manifested. Imagine the moon being filled up to the brim and it’s time to tip it over and empty it out. The same is true with life. You need to make room for newer, vital energies and opportunities to enter your life.

During the full moon, efforts to usher in change are supported and strengthened. You are fully supported right now to release the old and bring in the new. Whether you choose to intentionally participate is sort of irrelevant these days on planet Earth. Energies around us are making it happen anyway. So I’d suggest reviewing aspects of your life that are uncomfortable or unworkable, and choose to make changes in that area. On any day.

We frequently think of transformation as a spiritual experience.

While a shift in consciousness can move us to a new level of understanding, the catalyst lies in daily life. An event happens that forces us to look at life in a new way – frequently something traumatic. Yet the indicators, hints, subtle and not-so-subtle suggestions to make this shift have been present long before it happens. You are probably experiencing indicators to make life changes right now. But our tendency is to avoid this until life forces us, and then we say, “Life is so traumatic!” Did you know that life doesn’t have to be constantly traumatic? If you recognize promptings for change, and begin making the change, you participate with transformation, instead of resisting it.

Practical Steps toward Transformation:

The following suggestions start you on the road of working with instead of working against, transformation you desire in life.

1. On a clean page or sheet of paper, list key aspects of life that repeatedly cause problems.

A few areas to consider are: specific relationships, finances, spirituality, health, fitness, relaxation, parenting, work environment, co-workers, your house, the location you live in, your self-image…and more. Finding areas for change is easy; simply list whatever worries, stresses, irritates, angers, frightens, and discomforts you.

2. Choose one area for creating change. Only one.

Which area yells at you the loudest? Or which one, if improved, will positively affect several other areas? Start there.

3. Don’t be concerned about selecting the wrong area for change.

You can’t. Unworkability in your life is a woven tapestry; working on one thread pulls and tugs at them all. If a different area starts getting in your face, you’ll know to let go the one you chose so you can pick up the noisier one. Your higher wisdom knows what to work with, so listen to it. If you don’t know how, this exercise will begin to teach you.

4. On a second, fresh page, write your chosen area on the top.

5. List every obstacle you can think of that gets in the way of making this change.

Brainstorm here. Don’t judge what comes into your thoughts; simply write it down. When finished with this list (you can add new obstacles at any time), move to the next step.

6. Choose one obstacle to work with. Only one.

Circle it. For this part of the exercise, choose an obstacle that is easier to address. Choose one within your confidence level, or you know how to tackle it, or the timing is right. As with #2 and 3 above, working on one obstacle begins a cascading effect that assists in every area.

7. On a third, fresh page, write your chosen obstacle on the top.

8. List every action step you can take to resolve your chosen obstacle.

A few ideas might include: Have an important conversation with someone, or make a necessary phone call. Take a training class to learn a skill such as handling anger, parenting, or conflict resolution. Considerations could be to create a budget, go online to find out next semester’s college schedule, order a workout video, schedule a weekly family night at home, sign up for a taekwando class, find a counselor to help deal with emotional debris, or read online articles on setting personal boundaries. This list is endless! You can add to or adjust it anytime.

To know, larger print-page-001

9. Choose one obstacle-dissolving step and do it. Take the action.

Get up off your “not now, not today” tush and get on with your life. Your plan won’t make a bit of difference unless you act on it. Who is going to control your life, and create your destiny? No one else can walk this life your way. You are the creator, manager, and guide of your life. Not your parents, family, partner, friends, social pressure, teachers, wise advisors, or irrelevant childhood messages whirling around in your head. You are it.

10. Schedule a realistic deadline for your action step.

Work toward your goal, and if necessary, extend it a few times. After all, life happens along the way. But be careful that you aren’t making excuses. You may find new obstacles pop up. If so, take one of them as your new obstacle, and when it’s completed, return to your original one.

11. When you finish with one obstacle, choose another.

Keep at it until you’ve accomplished this shift in your life, and then return to step #1 and repeat the process with another area of life. Dance with this. If your current “project” loses steam, pick up another one to start fresh.

Final Thoughts:

“But I don’t have time!”

Lack of time is frequently listed as the primary obstacle to transformation. This is a false illusion. If you “don’t have time”, get firm with yourself and say “no” to the time-stealers that aren’t getting you anywhere. How many commitments do you have to please other people who are never satisfied regardless of what you offer? Who are you helping that could find help elsewhere? Does your house really have to look like a Martha Stewart video? Can you buy organic ghee instead of making your own? What commitments are you still living up to that were made at another time in your life – commitments that are no longer relevant today? Do you really need all the “stuff” that you move around and maintain? Can your family/partner/children/co-workers do more for themselves instead of depending on you? Are you maintaining a collection that long ago lost its charm?

Look around you. Everything in your environment is either an energy source, or energy drainer. Get rid of energy drainers, and your time will expand. If you still can’t find time, learn more about this by reading online, studying a book, or find SOME way to learn to say “no” so you can say “yes” to a fulfilling life.

Don’t rush this.

The first time I tackled my transformation this way, it took me 3 years to make it through my initial list. Then I sat down and created an entirely new one! As you transform, life brings you new opportunities for further expansion. It’s what makes life juicy!

When you begin to change, everything shifts around you.

This can be uncomfortable. It’s like shedding your old skin and growing new. When you transform – your life, relationships, and experience of living – transforms along with you. Life won’t look the same. Isn’t that what you have been saying you want?

The full moon won’t create a transformation for you. Fire ceremony, meditation, drumming, dancing, hallucinogenic drugs, and the plethora of aids out there won’t do it for you. Only you can do this.

Nothing changes until you change.

There is more information I could add, embellish, and explain, but this is a grand beginning. I say this with confidence because I’ve applied this consistently in my life and have learned to trust the results. Others have, too. For ongoing supportive articles and guidelines, “Follow” this blog (the Follow button is a bottom of right hand column), and “Like” my Ellie Hadsall’s Writing Facebook page. Contact me with subjects you’d like me to address in future articles and I’ll do that for you.

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Take life into your own hands and make it happen. It’s your life. Lead it.




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