Transform with Eclipses and Spring Equinox

Yesterday, March 8, was a significant day. The solar eclipse of last evening affects our life on many levels, and this month we experience two of them. Combined with  spring equinox, it’s a potent time to clear out the no-longer-needed old, and manifest anew.

I intended to post this before the first eclipse on March 8.  Yet life has a way of happening on its own schedule, and I wasn’t able to get it online. It’s not too late; you can still make the most of this astrological support of the March 23 eclipse and Spring equinox Find the time in your area.

It’s been a busy transition for our family as we moved from New Mexico to Indiana, yet isn’t transition the norm for everyone these days? Moving from one experience to another. Change. Situations ripening and then bursting with the fruit of learning. Life can feel unstable at times, yet that is indicative of growth. We didn’t incarnate on Earth to be normal, stabilized, and safe. We came to be challenged, stretched, and joyful. About JOY – it’s a state of mind. Carry it within you and you will find it – frequently in small, simple experiences. If we expect outside circumstances to bring joy to us, we give away our power. I’ll leave that with you to contemplate.

solar eclipse, nasa photo

Solar eclipse over Minnesota. Image from NASA.

To participate most fully during solar eclipses and spring equinoxes, seek to meditate or contemplate during these significant hours. Your intentions will be magnified, so focus your attention on what you wish to manifest and accomplish in life. Avoid thinking of negatives, which will only be intensified. To create a supportive energy field, you may want to perform a fire ceremony, burn incense, chant, pray, release or visualize during this time. Learn more about full moon, new moon and eclipse energy,

The message and potency of these astrological events is an oft-repeated theme these days:

“Release what no longer works in your life. Actively create fresh energy and space for your next steps in evolution, and then embrace the lessons and benefits your actions create.”

If you seek relevant, insightful experiences to boost your intellectual or spiritual wisdom, you won’t find it by digging through your old garbage. Toss that out. Take action. Move! Un-stick yourself by taking a different tack in life. If you aren’t sure of your next step, take one – take any – just shift yourself, observe what works, and then shift again. Turn a ninety degree angle. Eat different food. Let go of an old habit and replace it with a new one that serves you better. Branch out into new social groups. Say “no” when something doesn’t feel right in your gut. Say “yes!” when you feel in inner prompting to do something, without first logically evaluating it’s worth. Look for positives in your life and keep a journal to reinforce your gratitude vibration. Read a new book. Watch a foreign movie instead of the typical Pablum that Hollywood feeds us. Turn off inane political debates, read up on the truth of each candidate – including their past actions – and put “vote” on your calendar. Look at yourself in the mirror each morning and say to yourself, “You are one awesome soul and I love you!” Tell someone else you love them. Hold the door open for someone at the grocery store. Tell a little child they are smart instead of telling them they are cute.

Don’t worry if you feel life is out of control. It is. For all of us. Me, too. What we DO have control over is the choices we make, and how we respond to each moment. We can resist, or look for possibilities. We can judge, or admit that we don’t know the other person’s full story, and then return focus to our own. We can spread negative juicy gossip, or spread around what we like and respect about another person. We can complain, gripe, whine, look for what’s wrong, gritch, blame, criticize and condemn, or we can give appreciation, take steps to improve, assume self-responsibility, volunteer to help out, acknowledge those who are compassionate, and look for possibilities in every situation. Which person do you want to hang out with? Which do you want to be? What’s stopping you? Make the decision and then stand by it. Be the change you want to see in the world. (Thank you, Gandhi, for this inspiration!).

I am taking this month for inner preparations for this year. Now that we are settled in our home, I will re-set its energy and bless our neighborhood. I am thankful for this city’s welcoming embrace. I am thankful for all of you who support me and others, on this shared spiritual journey.

Now, go out to live the life you came to live!

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Take life into your own hands and make it happen. It’s your life. Lead it.

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  1. KochiCoo says:

    I love the fluidity in your writing! Yoga truly rejuvenates.


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