You Gotta Act Differently to Get New Results

It is easier to act yourself into a new way of thinking than it is to think yourself into a new way of acting. – Millard Fuller (Founder of Habitat for Humanity)

Wow – This really works!

When I am stuck in life, I pull out this guiding quote and seek out a new way to behave. We can listen to cds, take seminars, and commiserate with friends all day about how we want to change, yet nothing happens. Why? Because we’re merely thinking on it – and not changing one iota of our behavior – so we continue getting the same repetitive results in life. Until we change behavior, life gives old results. Changing behavior brings new feedback. Results are almost miraculous. Try it!

Determine a specific new way you want to act or believe.

Example: “I want to be more positive about my life.”

Get clear on how you will respond to life situations if you are positive. Think of someone you know who experiences life as supportive and enjoyable. What qualities do they express? Do they look for what works instead of what is wrong? Then begin looking for what works in your life. Do they seek things to be thankful for? Then begin a gratitude list. Do they refrain from negative comments? Then commit to making no negative statements. Do they look for the best in a situation instead of focusing what is wrong? Then form the habit of digging around to find the positive possibilities in every situation. Make it a game.

Measure your new actions so you can observe results.

witch or young woman

Choose your reality of life. Do you see the young woman, or the old woman? A shift in perception changes how life responds.

Keep a 3×5 card to list “things to be thankful for”. Commit to writing down at least 5 things each day on your list. These can be small or dramatic. Did someone let you merge in front of them in traffic? Did someone hold the door open for you? Did you smile and someone smiled back? Did you get an unexpected check in the mail? Did you find your lost car keys? Did you fear your well-worn car’s engine was dead, but discovered you only needed a new battery? (Careful here – don’t complain about having to buy a battery – instead be thankful that you didn’t need to buy a new car!) Continue making a daily list for at least 21 days. Review it every night before going to sleep and every morning when you arise. Focusing on these keeps your awareness on the plus side. You are training/conditioning your mind to focus in a new direction; one that brings a higher vibration. Depression and self-doubt cannot flourish in a higher vibration.

Continue this practice regardless of how you feel on any given day.

Do what works instead of what you feel like doing. Give it time. If you have a habit of negative self-talk for twenty or forty years, it’s going to take multiple experiences of positive self-talk before your create your new self-image. If your childhood was constantly filled with negative beliefs, it will take time to see the positive. Yet it will happen if you stick with your plan. This is proven to work.

A True Story: Bethany, a single mother with two small children, learned she had breast cancer. Overwhelmed with her burden, she became severely depressed. In desperation, she read a book about positive thinking and committed to practicing it daily. In the beginning it was difficult to find anything positive, but with perseverance she began a gratitude list. “I remembered to turn off the baby’s milk before the pan scorched”, “I had a stack of clean diapers for Morgan this afternoon”, and “I made it through the day with only one crying spell” were on her list during the first week. By week three, her list included, “Jenny brought me frozen meals for three days. Mom called and offered to watch the kids this weekend. Craig (her neighbor) scooped the snow off my drive and walk this morning. Got all my hair shaved off today and people say I look exotic.” After recovering from her ordeal with a clean bill of health, she told me “It’s the best thing that ever happened to me. Now I look for the blessings in life. I can even see how my divorce liberated me. I’m more my own woman than ever. Without my cancer and being forced into a new way of looking at life, I would still be stuck in that old life of misery.” If Bethany did this, what are you capable of accomplishing in your own life?

You can do this. Isn’t it time to be the real you, and to live the life you came to Earth to live?

Take life into your own hands and make it happen. It’s your life. Lead it.

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One Response to You Gotta Act Differently to Get New Results

  1. jim doutre says:

    Sound advice, I thank the universe every night for my blessings. Hope you guys are well.


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