Happy Day After Valentines Day!

It’s the day after the Valentine Day holiday of LOVE. Either you are celebrating because you experience it in your life, you are depressed because you don’t, or you have grown to realize that it is Self-Love that creates the experience of love in our life.


Valentines Day does not define your loveliness! It’s a day created to sell cards and candy. (Thanks to http://www.quotesgiant.com/valentines-day-google-doodles2016/ for this delightful graphic!)

If the experience of feeling loved is in your life, I celebrate with you. You know it is in the giving of love that we receive it.

The mysterious and elusive unconditional love we each seek cannot be expected to fulfill specific requirements. It cannot be demanded,  judged, contain ideal conditions, or fill up an inner sense of emptiness. It arrives unexpectedly, in its own form, filled with lessons, and containing constant surprises.  This is why we see beautiful people with plain partners, tall women with short men, octogenarians with middle-aged partners, artistic people with race car drivers, city sophisticates with farmers, and same or transgender relationships. Something beyond society’s limited version of ideal matches is at play here.

What we seek is a soul to help fulfill our life purpose. And we may not have the slightest idea now of what that might be! Our purpose may be quiet and unassuming, socially notable, or somewhere on the spectrum in between. Our purpose may be to experience ongoing challenges and find inner strength to surmount them. It may be to experience wealth and learn to share. Some of us arrived in this life to lead the unfolding wave of change. It matters not. When we live in the moment in the highest way we know, we will fulfill. When we allow outside circumstances to control our behavior, we remain stagnant. It has been said, state of circumstances doesn’t matter; state of being matters. This is true in finding love.

How can you find the experience of love? Give it. Be kind to strangers. Smile. Look for the best in the moment and play to that. Giggle more. Do you have employment you don’t like? It’s no accident that you are there – there is something important for you to learn. Ask yourself: what do you bring to your workplace? Are you someone others enjoy working with? Do you have integrity? Do you seek to encourage your co-workers? Do you fulfill job responsibilities above and beyond the expected, with no resentment toward coworkers who laze through the day? Do you realize it is who you are at work that determines whether it is a valuable experience for you? Do you set boundaries when someone is unfairly trying to take advantage of you? Do you bring light into the situation, rather than complain because no one else does?

In my thirties, I had a new co-worker, Dawn (not her real name), that was notably unbearable. She gossiped, started rumors about people she didn’t like, and stirred up ongoing drama. Everyone complained about her. It was my responsibility as sales manager to train new employees for the job, and she fought me every step of the way. I beseeched my boss to let someone else trainer her –  someone she would listen to – but he responded, “You are the trainer, so find a way to reach her.” My unfortunate husband listened to my lamentations every evening until one day he sat me down after dinner. “Ellie, you’ve been trained to look for the best in people, yet all I hear is what is wrong with her. Do you ever look for what she does well?”  Now, secretly I believed the answer to that was “nothing at all!!!!!”. But he was right. So I went to work the following day determined to find something, no matter how minuscule, that she did well.

Bit by bit, I discovered her qualities. What I had formerly deemed stubbornness now revealed itself to be persistence. Her moodiness was created by a difficult divorce she currently experienced. Over the upcoming weeks, I began to find and compliment her on strengths. She became less irritating to me as I framed her in a new way. Her irritating behavior continued, however, until one day when I unexpectedly walked into the office to find her weeping at her desk. I pulled up a chair, put my arm across her shoulder, and said, “I’m here if you need someone. If you prefer I go away, just say so.” She literally fell into my arms and sobbed. “I am horrible. No one likes me and I don’t blame them. I just went through my third divorce – I’ve never told anyone of the first two. I’m such a mess and I need this job, and I love the friendly environment here, and I’ve been horrible to you, but you are the only person here I trust and you are good to me even when I am mean …” She sobbed herself dry, and when she was done, she shyly looked up at me and said, “Will you help me?”

I did. She became a dear, dear friend, and over the following years we grew as close as sisters. In time, she died of a contagious illness, but I’ve always cherished the love we shared. She was a soul friend, who came to challenge and teach me unconditional love, and to return it to me in kind.

Love comes in all shapes and sizes. If you didn’t feel loved on Valentine’s Day this year, immediately seek out ways to share “light” with everyone you meet. When you express light – cosmic love – you open your heart so that the Source, whatever you perceive that to be, can move it through you. Thus you experience it yourself.

As souls, we are Light Transmitters. We walk the earth radiating energy. When we radiate gratitude for what we have, when we share with others whether it is plenty or little, when we make another person’s day a little brighter, we move Unconditional Love current through our body and it heals us.

Important! This works regardless of how the other person responds. If they don’t see you, if they are rude, if they ignore you – that isn’t important. On an energetic level they did receive it and it is having an effect. What is important is that you took the action and sent kindness outward. At the end of the day, you can know in your heart that it was a day well lived.

Giving light brings us the experience of love.

The world needs you. You are a Soul Light Transmitter.

Be that.


About Ellie Hadsall

My life is a journey with insights and gifts being revealed as I move forward. Every one I meet is a companion on this adventure. Together, we ride a wave of transformation. Let's leave the old behind and move through new portals! After a long, fulfilling career in human resource, personal development, and motivational speaking, I am currently a spiritual mentor, author, intuitive, Kriya minister, Vedic fire ceremony practitioner, meditation teacher and spiritual friend.
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