Healing Fire Ceremony – Agnihotra

Vedic Fire ceremony (yagnya or havan) is an ancient practice wherein a healing fire is burned in a small copper pyramid.

5 fires on patio at eventAgnihotra is a specific simple fire ceremony practiced in a small pyramid for the purpose of removing harmful negative effects so that the natural harmony of the universe can express. It isn’t just a gift to our planet; it is a multi-dimensional gift to the universe.

Fire is recognized as a major transforming agent in most cultures across our planet. The elements that are combined and burned may be changed by the fire into new chemical combinations.

Agni (fire) and hotra (fire pit or also one who performs the ceremony of a fire) is one of the oldest of fire ceremonies. One of the fundamental healing fires, its uniqueness is that it is practiced specifically at sunrise and sunset. As with all Vedic fire ceremonies, it has its own special features, purpose and results. Done with regularity, it creates an environment in which all living things receive healing, the atmosphere is purified, soil is re-enriched, and harmony reinstated.

Why do Agnihotra?

  • Have you ever desired to help heal the planet?
  • Have you wondered what you, as only one person, can do to make a difference?
  • Have you felt helpless as the environment appears to disintegrate around you, and wished you knew some positive action to take to help repair the damage done by humankind?

tryam 8Agnihotra is a scientifically proven solution. Anyone who wishes to heal themselves, others, animals and plants, can do this fire practice. In doing so, one helps rebalance the planet’s resources, removing toxins from the environment and replenishing the energy field of all manifested aspects, both animate and inanimate.

Anyone who has a sincere desire to live on this planet in a responsible manner can participate. People from many cultures, countries, spiritual traditions, and all ages are joining in this practice. Residents of Peru, Poland, the United States, Israel, Canada, Mexico, Hawaii, the Caribbean, Germany, Spain, West Indies, Australia and South Africa are only a sample of those I know who are dedicated to this simple daily practice. Male or female, educated or uneducated, wealthy or poor, well-respected or unknown to the eyes of the world, you can practice this. Once you learn it and practice it with regularity you can begin to teach it to others. Its beauty is in its simplicity. You do the simple act and let the divine universe handle the results.

What are the benefits of Agnihotra?

Agnihotra fire ceremony affects the planet through the effects of the fire itself, its smoke, and the resulting ash. Healing effects include but are not limited to:

Individuals who live in an area where regular Agnihotra fires are held experience the following: increased peace of mind, enhanced sense of well-being and calm, release of addictions, improved relationships, renewed vitality, faster healing of wounds, dissolution of toxins, and a reduction in frequency of illness and disease. Some scientific experiments indicate these reports are well founded.

dana in Idaho, fox pup, k on rock

Fox that showed up in my friend Dana’s yard in Idaho to observe her regular agnihotra practice.

Effects on animals parallel the effects of human healing. Animals experience less disease, faster healing, calmer, more cooperative natures, and overall excellence of health. Disorders from years of neglect, herbicide and pesticide toxicity, antibiotics and other pharmaceuticals, and poor diet can all be reversed.

back garden grove pathway 2 DSCN0873, ml

Our organic garden in the high desert climate of Albuquerque, NM. Agnihotra provided the nourishment, and enhanced the moisture, for this garden to thrive.

Plants grown in an Agnihotra environment grow exceptionally large and abundant fruit. Plants, and the resulting vegetables, fruit, nuts, or grains are healthy and more nutritious. Such plants do not need chemicals, artificial fertilizers, herbicides or pesticides. Soil that has been robbed of its vitality can be replenished with Agnihotra nutrients. Soil appears to retain moisture better and plants utilize moisture more efficiently. Science has demonstrated that Agnihotra causes a change in the cellular structure of the plant, creating a more efficient distribution of nutrients, including moisture.

Agnihotra purifies the atmosphere, soil, and water. It neutralizes radioactivity and toxins in the air. As it heals the plants and re-establishes balance in nature, the environment heals. The ash resulting from the fire, when added to water, has been shown to purify it of harmful effects. Toxic rivers where ash has been distributed have re-established a healthy Eco system.

Healing Remedy
Agnihotra atmosphere and ash are mentioned in ancient Vedic texts as a means for prevention and cure of diseases. Agnihotra and other fire practices are included among other healing remedies as presented in Ayurveda (life-knowledge). Thousands of people in different parts of the world report personal healing of a great variety of ailments by sitting in the smoke of the ceremony, some of which have been scientifically verified. The healing effects of Agnihotra are locked in the resulting purified ash which is then used as a natural healing remedy.

Agnihotra atmosphere removes stress and tension on the mind. It clears a space of the negative thought patterns that influence the mind. It allows one’s innate intelligence to rise up into awareness. It opens the mind to creativity and possibilities. Agnihotra leads to greater clarity of thought, improves overall health, increases energy, and allows the mind to fill with love. This fire ceremony atmosphere promotes a deeper experience of meditation.

evening fire under apricot tree

Sunset agnihotra performed in my back yard.

In addition to Agnihotra, there are other healing fire ceremonies. They are offered for the purpose of clearing out an energy field, assisting in shifting into a new chosen reality, dissolving that which is no longer useful or wanted, creating and manifesting the new into your life, releasing old attachments and relationships, joyful celebration, mental and emotional healing, assisting a group to experience compatible vibrations and to re-awaken positive energetic force fields.

Want to learn how to perform Agnihotra in your home and community? A regular fire ceremony practitioner and teacher since 2000, my students frequently request a handbook. As a result, I wrote one which is now available on Amazon.com.  Agnihotra: Havan on Earth, is a comprehensive, 83 page handbook leading you through this practice. The only book of its kind available, it includes a full explanation of the ceremony and its benefits, step-by-step instructions for performing agnihotra, supplies needed, resources for supplies, websites with additional information, over forty photos, answers to over sixty frequently asked questions, how to make ghee, how to use agnihotra ash for healing, how to meditate, how to teach agnihotra to others, and sections to make notes. The book finishes with blank pages for an “observation journal”. I share personal stories of how agnihotra has transformed my life and the world around me, encouraging you as a new practitioner to experience the benefits in your personal life.

If you are at all “captured” by this practice, please follow-up. Together, we can help heal Mother Earth!


About Ellie Hadsall

My life is a journey with insights and gifts being revealed as I move forward. Every one I meet is a companion on this adventure. Together, we ride a wave of transformation. Let's leave the old behind and move through new portals! After a long, fulfilling career in human resource, personal development, and motivational speaking, I am currently a spiritual mentor, author, intuitive, Kriya minister, Vedic fire ceremony practitioner, meditation teacher and spiritual friend.
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  1. Kansaswoman says:

    In the spring, and sometimes in the fall, land stewards conduct prairie or woodland burns on native lands for regeneration and to control non-native plants. The silence that exists after burning native ground is profound.


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