I’m Vacuuming! Someone Rescue Me!

For some inexplicable reason, I woke up this morning yearning to vacuum. This is not normal. I avoid vacuuming when possible. What’s up with this?

Is it because I spilled food on the carpet that needs cleaned up? Nope. Am I angry, so I grabbed the vacuum to shove around while I rant and rave it out of my system? Nope. Is company coming? Nope. Is it to cover the noise of my neighbor’s stereo throbbing through the walls? Nope – she’s at work. Did I just watch a Martha Stewart video? Nope. Is it to burn off calories from the cinnamon roll I ate yesterday? Nope – I ate that guilt-free.

livingroom, messyI think it’s because I want to create more order in my life. It’s time to hit my refresh key. When I vacuum, I move furniture around, consider new arrangements, toss out clutter I’ve accumulated, and put clothes away. I open the window, let in fresh air, and breathe deeper. As I clean, sort, and toss, new ideas pop into my head. My creative juices start flowing. I feel more in-charge. I become the Doer instead of the One-Who-Is-Done-to. I become lighter.

living room, dec 2015Life’s like that. When we clean out, get rid of, toss, re-organize, and re-consider, we make order in our mind. We move through our environment with more ease. Walking through life, we no longer carry the weight of old emotional and mental debris – not to mention physical unworkability. Possibilities arise. We find the flow.

This is sounding good. Time for the next step. Now, where’s my dust rag?


About Ellie Hadsall

My life is a journey with insights and gifts being revealed as I move forward. Every one I meet is a companion on this adventure. Together, we ride a wave of transformation. Let's leave the old behind and move through new portals! After a long, fulfilling career in human resource, personal development, and motivational speaking, I am currently a spiritual mentor, author, intuitive, Kriya minister, Vedic fire ceremony practitioner, meditation teacher and spiritual friend.
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