Utilize Lunar and Solar Astrological Events

Full Moon! New Moon! Eclipse! Equinox! We can use them to support our daily life and spiritual evolution. Why not experiment to discover this for yourself?

September 2015 is a month filled with opportunities to align with cosmic energies. It began with a New Moon and Solar Eclipse on September 13. Fall Equinox falls on September 22, and a Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse expresses on September 27. (These dates are Mountain Daylight Time. Always check a calendar for correct timing; events which occur near midnight may fall on a different date in your area.)

So what does this cosmic activity mean? Each heavenly event influences the flow of energy on our planet in a unique way. By aligning with each, we connect with support for our evolution. As energetic beings currently having a human experience on Earth, we exist within an energetic soup that influences our feelings, thoughts, and responses. By understanding and working in harmony with such energies, we can smooth out and boost our human experience.

Full moon is a time to clear out and relinquish all that is no longer useful, releasing those energies back to the infinite quantum field. Clear out unnecessary and unwanted debris from your beliefs, habits, behaviors, and relationships, leaving open space for the new, relevant, and more vital, to enter your life.

Full Moon, NASA image

NASA Photo

Create a list of what is no longer useful in your life, choose one, and list actions steps you can take to let it go. Note every obstacle that may arise, and list how you might handle each. Immediately begin your action. Without action it won’t happen. Take responsibility for your life! Experience the power that comes with managing your own life instead of being victim to outside circumstances.

Physical items can be given away – placed back into circulation and made available for someone else. With each item given away, you cut and release the original emotional and energetic cords attached to it in the past; cords that keep you stuck, holding you back from what you seek to create now.

Unhealthy or completed relationships can be reviewed for lessons learned, and blessed for the insights you gained; then commit to wiser relating in the future, and focus on the meaningful relationships in your life.

New moon is a time to create the new, re-start in a fresh direction, and manifest the preferred. Visualize who you want to BE, and the life you choose to dwell within. The more clearly you visualize and believe, the more quickly it can manifest. If you regularly release the old during a full moon,  you have bountiful space in your life during a new moon to create a fulfilling present and future.

New Moon, NASA

Courtesy of NASA

Create a list of what you want to manifest, what kind of person you want to be, and how you choose to behave. Describe yourself in healthy relationships, and any additional areas of life you need to focus upon.

Choose one item to manifest and list action steps you will take to set it in motion. Note every obstacle that may arise, and list how you might handle each. Take charge of your own life and feel your self and soul confidence grow!

A solar or lunar eclipse affects our individual electro-magnetic energy field, as well as that of our planet. As the planet is affected,  we and our environment are likewise. Although some people don’t notice such influences, others may experience disrupted emotions, energy, and thought patterns to a substantial degree. Eclipses promote opening up and revealing. Past events or behaviors we have sought to ignore or hide will surface to be examined and resolved.

Solar Eclipse

NASA Photo

lunar eclipse, nasa 2

NASA Photo

Spend eclipse time quietly in meditation, contemplation, or prayer. Listen to soothing music, take a warm bubble bath (men – you can do that too!), burn calming incense or essential oils, or do any other supportive, simple, calming practice. Toning, chanting and havan (healing fire ceremony) during an eclipse assists us to rebalance, re-calibrate, and raises the frequency of our energy vibration. If you need to work or be active during an eclipse, apply these practices as soon as possible after the event.

At Fall equinox, nature releases the fruit of her efforts, rejoicing in the harvest. Then she relinquishes the summer season of growth and begins to withdraw inward for renewal. Exchanging outer activity for inner quiet, Nature heals, rests, strengthens, and re-calibrates for the activity of the next growing cycle. This is a time for us to do the same. We can release fruits of our summer activity, and contemplate upon what is working and not working in our life. Within the season of autumn, it is time to share with community, recognize the harvest of blessings in our life, repair relationships or other unresolved aspects of our life, meditate, and rest.

On the equinox, length of daylight and darkness is equal. It’s a good time to remember that a fruitful life includes a balance of outer activity with inner reflection. A meaningful life includes times of clarity, as well as times of confusion when we necessarily pause to sort things out. The spiritual journey brings joy, yet also includes hearty challenges that bring insight. Balance. Equilibrium. Yin and yang. Acknowledge the cycles of life and flow with them, allowing them to support you.

As energetic beings, we are connected with everything around us, including the cosmos. Influences may be subtle or profound, noticeable or unnoticeable. Earth is bombarded with neutrons, solar radiation, human-made toxins, magnetic fields, to mention only a few. We move daily through electro-magnetic impulses, microwaves, and a multitude of unseen energies that bombard us.

When we align positively with the cosmic events listed in this message, we receive the gift of  Nature’s healing and support. Nature cannot do it for us. Healing calls for each of us to be self accountable and participate with full intention.

Enjoy the journey!


About Ellie Hadsall

My life is a journey with insights and gifts being revealed as I move forward. Every one I meet is a companion on this adventure. Together, we ride a wave of transformation. Let's leave the old behind and move through new portals! After a long, fulfilling career in human resource, personal development, and motivational speaking, I am currently a spiritual mentor, author, intuitive, Kriya minister, Vedic fire ceremony practitioner, meditation teacher and spiritual friend.
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