My Job is Spiritual? Hah! Are You Joking?

Yes, it is. And no, I’m not.

Where we are right now is an ideal place to gain spiritual understanding. Here. Now. The nature of existence is to learn through experience and thereby expand understanding. When we expand awareness, we simultaneously expand awareness of All. We are One and the Same.

Follow the wisdom of this next sentence. Your life will dramatically improve.

 At any given moment in our current “job”, “relationship”, or “circumstances”, we are present for two key reasons.

1) To offer something of value

2) To learn something of value.

Let’s look at each independently.

1) To offer something of value

Every moment offers an opportunity to assist, improve, listen, provide, or some other pro-active choice that increases that moment’s value for everyone involved.

My chiropractor shared with me the following story. One day he learned of a respected woman who needed to find work. He invited her to come into his office for training as an occasional substitute for his capable receptionist of seven years when she needed time off. Only a few days later his receptionist unexpectedly gave notice that she was moving within a few weeks. Viola! His new employee was already in place and the transition took place smoothly. This man, as well as the new receptionist, is attuned to the highest and best. Each one offers enrichment to the moment regardless of where they are. It was no surprise to me that this unfolded in such a seemingly miraculous way. It is his nature to offer value every day to his clients, and it is her nature to offer value to others as well.

Earlier in my life, I felt guided to move to New Mexico to work in a specific organization. Yet when I arrived no position was available there. I sought temporary work, finding a job as a leasing agent for an apartment community. While this did not initially appear to use my professional skills to full advantage, and did not pay my usual rate of income, it was a way to connect with others and bring in sufficient money to sustain us as my husband attended school. Viola! In this position I met co-workers and tenants who could benefit from my encouragement which enriched not only their lives, but mine as well.  It turned out that my work there was less about leasing apartments and more about helping and learning about life. My counseling skills assisted a co-worker as she was confronted with a surprise divorce. Another co-worker with Lupus benefitted from my knowledge of holistic nutrition. My former mediation training helped resolve squabbles between residents. I developed a much needed new resident information packet that answered their questions, offered discount coupons, and included local shopping locations. Doing so personally introduced me to the many benefits of living in Albuquerque. (This was before Google and GPS arrived on the scene.) I even introduced two lonely senior citizens who blossomed into a happy couple. Every day brought a new opportunity to serve and grow. I was exactly where I was supposed to be.

 2) To learn something of value.

This one isn’t so easy. If we are in a “job” we dislike, we may refuse to admit it has anything to offer except headaches, high blood pressure, a sense of suffocation and an ongoing craving to escape!

Why do we find ourselves in our current circumstances? We place ourselves in situations to expand awareness, to prepare ourselves for our next opportunity, to again experience the results of any limiting belief or habit patterns. Observing our current  situation gives answers that lead us forward. What works for us? What doesn’t? What helps us feel expanded? What brings a sense of contraction? When do we feel like a victim and when do we feel supported and empowered?

After being a leasing agent for six months, an opportunity opened up at the organization I originally desired to work with. Skills I learned as a leasing agent were valuable tools in my new job. As a leasing agent I assisted with tenant disagreements, resolved conflict, and responded to varied human dramas. I learned to remain even-minded under pressure and to respond assertively when being verbally attacked. I learned to calm down an upset person, set boundaries, and accept lifestyles that varied greatly from my own. In short, I learned and in doing so, became a stronger person. The leasing job that originally appeared to be a “time-filler” instead offered a wealth of experience that I could weave into my future work and life. I continue to glean harvest from those experiences today.

There is a final piece to this puzzle.

You are exactly where you are supposed to be. You created this situation in order to gain insight and expand your understanding. The sooner you learn the lesson that this situation is offering to you, the sooner you can move on to something better. This works like magic! The key to extricating yourself from a challenging situation is to learn what it is trying to teach you. The minute you “get it”, the universe will move you on to what is next on your learning agenda. You don’t need to change the circumstances – you need to change you!

Now, let’s review your current “job”.

What can YOU offer and learn in your current position? Look far beyond the obvious job description for which you are hired. As a spiritually aware being who understands that your energy field affects others within your “radar range”, what energy to you emit? Are you centered instead of reactionary? Do you seek possibilities rather than complaining? Do you seek solutions rather than place blame? Do you look around you to see what needs to be done that no one else is attending to? … and are you willing to tackle it even if you don’t get paid more, but to do it because it is needed and you can get it done? Are you grateful for earning income when others are penniless? Do you listen or bring a chuckle or smile to a co-worker who is having a challenging day? Will you choose to not participate in organizational gossip?

Want to take a big leap forward on your awareness journey?

Pathway Sandia Crest 1, edited 2

Walk the path you came to walk.

If so, choose any one of these and commit to practice it with full intention. Whew! This is a workout, yet a sure way to gain fresh insight and inner confidence. It won’t be easy, but it will be powerful. An added benefit is that as you step forward to adhere to spiritual principles, you encourage others to follow your example. You become a leader. You move into a victor role.

Go ahead – express the fullness of your highest and best. Make the difference that you came to make. Walk the path you came to walk.

Ellie_laughingWant support on your life journey? Ellie is available for personal and spiritual mentoring. She assists you to clear the unwanted, connect with higher levels of consciousness, intuitive readings, resolve stuck circumstances, surmount obstacles, shift and stabilize your view of life into a positive zone, connect with your Divine nature, and become the valued Being you came to be.

Clients experience no judgment, only new clarity and empowerment! For more information: Consults are available in person, on phone or via Skype.

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My life is a journey with insights and gifts being revealed as I move forward. Every one I meet is a companion on this adventure. Together, we ride a wave of transformation. Let's leave the old behind and move through new portals! After a long, fulfilling career in human resource, personal development, and motivational speaking, I am currently a spiritual mentor, author, intuitive, Kriya minister, Vedic fire ceremony practitioner, meditation teacher and spiritual friend.
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