Celebrate a Lunar Eclipse with Full Moon

Hello Friends,

A Full Moon with a Lunar Eclipse is a perfect day for celebration.  I encourage you to celebrate it in your own special way.

Both a full moon and an eclipse greatly increase the intensity and results of your thoughts and actions.

  • On this day, meditate, pray, contemplate, and in your own way, spend quiet time with your Source – whatever you believe that to be. As you drift into sleep that night, give thanks for the good things in your life and visualize yourself experiencing a healthy, vital, positive future.
  • Focus upon what you want to expand in your life.
  • Discipline (Old Latin for “learn, gain knowledge”) your mind to stay focused upon possibilities, gratitude for what you have now in your life, and what you choose to visualize for your future. Do not allow your thoughts to stray over into what you do not like, what you feel you lack, or circumstances that are undesirable. On that day, do not dwell on anything negative or limiting – to do so will only strengthen it.

Eclipses reveal what has been covered, hidden, not-looked-at, shoved aside, ignored, suppressed, and avoided.

  • Behavior, beliefs, thoughts, habits, addictions, guilt, shame, anger, spiritual gifts, personal power, and self-potential are only a few examples of aspects of ourselves that we may avoid dealing with. You know what they are. They hang around in the back of your mind and weave into your thoughts when you aren’t alert. They show up in little experiences or dramatic situations to get your attention.  If a pattern repeats itself regularly in your life, it is trying to get your attention. During an eclipse they frequently show up loud and clear. So…
  • Get the Message! It’s been repeating over and over in your life for years. Perhaps lifetimes. You can count on the discomfort it brings increasing during upcoming months. So get the message now and make the shift! It’s what you came to do. Once you get it, it will not need to repeat itself in your life again. You are done with that. Oh, it may surface from time to time, and you say, “I thought I was done with that!” Are you being tested? No! There are old energetic patterns formed around you that continue to operate, but in time they weaken because you no longer reinforce them consciously, and eventually they are no longer a part of your life. Again, it is what you came to learn. The Source you believe in supports you totally to do this.

Lunar Eclipses have approximately a 19 year cycle before returning to the same specific astrological position.

  • In 2013, at the beginning of a new lunar eclipse cycle, “who you were” set into motion the circumstances which are now unfolding. You are now re-birthing your circumstances for this cycle.
  • This eclipse and full moon support you into your new “Beingness”. When you comprehend that you can now be at your highest and best (as you currently understand that to be), you can act from this new template immediately. Make decisions and choices from this new understanding instead of from your old way. Do be patient as your reality shifts and adjusts around you into a new experience of life. Old interests, circumstances, and relationships that don’t agree with your new direction will dissolve or transform along with you. New people and situations may enter your life. Experiment with these changes. Changes in your life can enrich not only you but those around you as well. When you shift, you inspire others to do the same.

Summary for today: What you focus upon during an eclipse with a full moon are magnified, so keep it light and positive! 

Have a wonder-full day!


About Ellie Hadsall

My life is a journey with insights and gifts being revealed as I move forward. Every one I meet is a companion on this adventure. Together, we ride a wave of transformation. Let's leave the old behind and move through new portals! After a long, fulfilling career in human resource, personal development, and motivational speaking, I am currently a spiritual mentor, author, intuitive, Kriya minister, Vedic fire ceremony practitioner, meditation teacher and spiritual friend.
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